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Digital and Fine Art

About JTL Studios

While the name JTL Studios is new, we've been producing digital and fine art for over 20 years. Our projects have ranged from commissioned oil paintings to corporate branding materials to medical guides for physicians. Call us for a quote on your project or e-mail us at: myproject@jtlstudios.com.

Digital Art

We specialize in large format, digital works using the latest software and hardware to achieve exceptional images and output. It's common for us to turn regular snapshots into legacy artwork.


Fine Art

Digital tools can provide affordable, reproducible, scalable works. However, digital tools are no substitute for artistic skills, training and talent. We work in oil and acrylic paint, charcoal and oil crayon, pencil and watercolor specializing in portrait and commissioned works of art.



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Pet Portrait, 18 x 24, Giclee

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Bouvier, 16 x 24, Charcoal on paper